New Zippo Lighters for 2012

2012 Zippo Lighters
   These are Brand New offerings from Zippo Manufacturing for 2012.

  Zippo Manufacturing of Bradford PA has released a number of new designs, NFL Logos and Harley Davidson Lighters for the 2012 line-up.

   Some of these are limited edition lighters that were made exclusively for us by Zippo Manufacturing, USA. You will not see these items anywhere else and they are limited to 250 pieces each world wide.

  Each Zippo is crafted in the U.S.A. and come with a lifetime "fix it FREE" warranty. If any Zippo product should ever fail just return it to Zippo mfg for a FREE repair. No sales receipt, no questions. Just a simple no-nonsense warranty on a great American made product.

3D Abstract LighterA high polished case and a 3D abstract engraving are the highlights of this new offering from Zippo Manufacturing.
Ace Filigree Zippo LighterThis is a very stunning Zippo Lighter. The Ace of Spades is set on a field of engraved Filigree.
Artic Fox Zippo LighterAnother White Matte finished Zippo Lighter featuring the face of an Arctic Fox.
Badge and Handcuff ZippoA Police badge and a set of Handcuffs adorn the face of this street chrome Zippo Lighter.
Blu 2 Zippo Butane LighterThis is the new Blu 2, Butane Lighter from Zippo Manufacturing with a High Polish Chrome case.
Burning Skull Zippo LighterA demonic Flaming Skull stares at you from the face of this Zippo Lighter.
Camouflage Zippo LighterA Camouflage motif on the front of a Green Matte Case
Damask Luxury 3This is the Damask Luxury 3 Zippo Lighter

It features a Brushed Brass finish.
Decolletage Zippo LighterThis is the Decolletage Lighter from Zippo Manufacturing.
Fire Down Below ZippoThis High Polished Chrome lighter from Zippo is called Fire Down Below.
Fire Fist ZippoA huge Fiery Fist graphic decorates the face of this Black Matte Zippo Lighter.
Fireball ZippoA soccer ball with flames is the highlight of this Black Matte Zippo Lighter.
Firemen's Coats Zippo LighterThe graphic on this Zippo lighter shows Fireman's Coats and Hats hanging at the ready.
Flag and Dog Tags Zippo LighterThis Zippo Lighter, with high polished case, features a set of Dog Tags over an American Flag background.
Flaming Heart ZippoA Flaming Heart graphic highlights this Black Matte finished Zippo Lighter.
Fleur De Lis ZippoThis brushed Chrome Zippo Lighter is made in the vintage 1941 style. It features an engraved Fleur De Lis.
Flexible Neck Utility LighterGrills, lanterns, tiki torches and fireplaces all require a certain degree of precision when being lit. And that’s where the Flexible Neck Utility Lighter comes in.

Its slim, powerful nozzle easily fits into the openings on most grills and lanterns, and with wind-resistant dual-flame technology, it’s ideal for any outdoor setting.

Shipped un-filled.
Flexible Neck Utility Lighter BlackThis is the Flexible Neck Utility Lighter from Zippo.
Meet the next generation of the popular outdoor utility lighter.

These are great for the toolbox, tackle box, or camping gear stash. The flexible extended neck, topped by a lean, powerful nozzle, is slim and sinuous enough to reach even the smallest lighting apertures.
Ford Zippo LighterThis Zippo Lighter displays the Built Ford Tough logo on a Brushed Chrome case.
Freedom Isn't Free ZippoThe Freedom Isn't Free Zippo Lighter with a High Polished Chrome case.
Grim Reaper Zippo LighterThe Spine-tingling face of the Grimm Reaper stares out at you from this Black Matte Zippo Lighter.
Gunstock Filigree Black Ice Zippo LighterThis Zippo showcases the Stunning effects that can be achieved by the use of their innovative engraving methods and techniques.
Handcuff Engraved Zippo LighterThis new Lighter from Zippo features an pair of handcuffs engraved under a mesh pattern.
Harley Davidson Orange and ChromeThe world famous Harley Davidson Logo with an orange background on a Zippo High Polish Chrome Case.
Harley Davidson Skull Red Eyes LighterThis Genuine Zippo Lighter features the Harley Davidson Logo with flaming skull and red eyes on a brushed chrome background.
I Love Elvis Zippo LighterA Zippo Lighter featuring a heart shaped photo of Elvis on a brushed Chrome Case.
Iced Diamond Plate ZippoThis visually spectacular Zippo Lighter has a Diamond Plate design on an Iced Cerulean Blue case.
Iced Stars ZippoThis eye-catching Zippo Lighter has engraved Stars, on a Candy Apple Red case.
Iced World Zippo LighterThis Zippo Lighter features an engraved map of the World on a Iced Green Case.
Identity Hand Print Zippo LighterThis Zippo Lighter has a security palm print scanner on its face.
Industrial Machinery Zippo LighterAnother new offering from Zippo Manufacturing in the Industrial Machinery line.
Jack Daniels White Matte ZippoA genuine Zippo Lighter featuring a bottle of Jack Daniels in black, over a White Matte finished case.
Lucky Clover Dice ZippoThis White Matte finished Zippo Lighter features a Lucky Clover Dice on a green background.
Martini Zippo LighterA White Matte finish highlights this Martini with two olives. Shaken, not stired.
Miller Lite Cans Zippo LighterThis Zippo Lighter features a can of Miller Lite, on a high polished chrome case.
Mossy Oak Break-up ZippoThis New Zippo Lighter features a Mossy Oak Camo pattern on a Dark Green Matte case.
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