Zippo Accessories

Genuine Zippo Lighter Accessories

Zippo Accessories

   Here you will find all the great Zippo Lighter Accessories from Zippo Manufacturing. 
    Zippo manufacturing offers beautifully crafted leather I.D. cases and Gift Kits as well as items for your Zippo lighter.

   We also carry the Zippo Hand Warmer and
Survival Lighter

  Check out the leather carrying pouches, pocket ashtrays or carry an extra refill of fluid in the personal fuel canister. As always, we recommend only genuine Zippo flints, wicks, lighter fluid, and butane for optimum performance of any Zippo lighter product.

   These Zippo Lighter Accessories are designed to enhance your Zippo Lighter Experience.

Zippo Accessories

  When you are in the outdoors, getting a fire started quickly can sometimes be a matter of life and death.

  With our Emergency Fire Starter Kit, starting a fire in the outdoors has never been easier. The reliable flint wheel ignition easily lights the water-resistant waxed tinder sticks to get your survival fire started.
  The water-resistant O-ring seal built into the case keeps the contents dry and ready for use.


Campfire StarterCampfire StarterThese Campfire Starter pucks from Zippo are ideal for Survival Kits, Camping, Hiking, as well as barbecues and fireplaces at home.

They are Lightweight and easy to pack.
Emergency Fire StarterEmergency Fire StarterWith this Emergency Fire Starter Kit, lighting a fire has never been easier.
Genuine Zippo FlintsGenuine Zippo FlintsEack flint dispenser contains 6 Zippo flints. Case of 24 dispensers.
Zippo Accessories
Genuine Zippo Lighter FuelGenuine Zippo Lighter FuelZippo lighter fluid is the recommended fuel for all Zippo lighters and Hand Warmers. This premium fuel can be used in any lighter that has a wick.

4 fluid oz. can
Hand Warmer Realtree HD CamoHand Warmer Realtree HD CamoThis is Zippo's award-winning, rugged, all-metal hand warmer in Realtree HD Camo finish with stamped Zippo logo.

Built for all of the winter warriors, these Hand Warmers features a sleek and compact design that fits easily into pockets, gloves and pants without the bulk of other warmers
Harley Lighter Pouch Black LeatherHarley Lighter Pouch Black LeatherBlack lighter pouch with chrome snap closure and Harley Davidson logo.

Genuine leather with belt loop to hold your Zippo lighter securely, yet easily accessible.

Heater Replacement BurnerHeater Replacement BurnerThe Zippo Hand Warmer Replacement Burner

* Easy to replace * Keeps your Zippo Hand Warmer working like brand new

Lighter Pouch Black with Belt LoopLighter Pouch Black with Belt LoopThis Zippo Lighter Pouch with Belt Loop, in Black leather, holds a Regular Size Zippo Lighter.

Carry your lighter in this attractive black leather lighter pouch.

Also available in Brown Leather.

Lighter Pouch Black with ClipLighter Pouch Black with ClipThis quality leather accessory clips onto any belt or pocket and fits your Zippo lighter like a glove.
Lighter Pouch Brown with Belt LoopLighter Pouch Brown with Belt LoopThis quality leather accessory has a leather belt loop that keeps your lighter safe fits your Zippo lighter like a glove. A leather case is a great alternative to searching pockets or bags trying to find your Zippo lighter.
Lighter Pouch with Belt Clip - BrownLighter Pouch with Belt Clip - Brown A leather case is a great alternative to searching pockets or bags trying to find your Zippo lighter.
Tinder Sticks for Emergency Fire StarterTinder Sticks for Emergency Fire StarterThese are the Replacement water- resistant waxed tinder sticks for the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit.
Z-ClipZ-ClipPlastic unit clips on belt, waistband, pocket, or sun visor. Holds your Zippo lighter securely, yet easily accessible.
Zippo Accessories
Zippo AshtrayZippo AshtrayThis Solid stainless steel ashtray is embossed with the world famous Zippo logo on three faces.
Zippo Flint DispensersZippo Flint DispensersGenuine Zippo Lighter flints in a 24 pack. Six flints in each dispenser X 24 dispensers
Zippo Fuel CanisterZippo Fuel CanisterZippo Aluminum Fuel Canister.
Take along an extra refill of Zippo premium lighter fluid. Zippo Accessories
Zippo Lighter FluidZippo Lighter Fluid For the best results in your Zippo Lighter, buy genuine Zippo lighter fluid, flints and wicks.
 New lighter fluid formula with improved performance!

*Cleaner burning Improved ignition
*Less irritating to the skin
*Low odor.
*12 Fluid oz.
Zippo Lighter WicksZippo Lighter WicksFor best results always use genuine Zippo lighter wicks with all of your Zippo lighters.
Zippo brand wicks are the best wicks on the market today. A new wick means a better flame and an easier light.
Each card contains 1 Zippo wick. Case of 24 cards.
Zippo Accessories


   You want to be able to enjoy the Great Outdoors even when it’s cold outside. The answer is our rugged, metal Zippo hand warmers, the perfect accessory to fight the chill.

  It has a high-polish finish and a sleek, thin design so it easily fits into pockets, and it’s virtually odorless (great for hunters) and stays warm for up to 12 hours. Plus, it’s reusable with Zippo lighter fluid and includes a convenient filler cup and warming bag.

  So whether you are going hunting, hiking, backpacking or hitting the slopes, this hand warmer will keep you warmer and more comfortable. It can even keep cozy while on your outdoor construction job.

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