Case Cutlery Inspired Lighters

   W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company is an American manufacturer of premium, hand-crafted knives that are passed down for generations.
   Based in Bradford, Pennsylvania, Case’s offerings cover a wide range of product categories, from traditional folding pocket knives and fixed blade sporting knives to limited production commemorative and collectables.

  Today, Case is owned by Zippo Manufacturing Company, makers of the world famous Zippo® windproof lighter, another family-owned business based in Bradford, PA.

  Zippo Manufacturing has produced a few of their world famous Zippo Lighters with Case Cutlery logo.

  For all of those who collect more than knives, these Zippo lighters are for you. For everyone who loves collecting Case Knives as much as we do, these Case Zippo lighters are for you.

Case Lighters

Case Bros Tested XX Cutlery ZippoCase Bros Tested XX Cutlery ZippoThe Case Brothers Tested XX Cutlery logo is featured on this genuine Zippo Windproof Lighter.
Case High Polish Zippo with Etched FlagCase High Polish Zippo with Etched FlagThis High Polish Chrome Zippo features a laser Etched US Flag Design and the Famous Case XX logo on a high polished chrome case.
Case Zippo LighterCase Zippo LighterThis Genuine Zippo Lighter features the laser etched Case XX logo with side slashes on a high polished Chrome case.
Case Zippo Lighter with Pocket Knife ImageCase Zippo Lighter with Pocket Knife ImageThis Zippo Lighter features a colorful graphic of a Case Pocket knife and the Case Cutlery Logo on a satin toffee case.
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