Hand Warmers

Zippo Hand Warmers

  These Hand Warmers are crafted from rugged metal and feature a thin design so that it can easily fit into your jacket or pants pocket.
This warmer is virtually odorless when it is in operation and stays warm for up to 12 hours before requiring a refill.

  These all-metal hand warmers from Zippo come in High polished chrome, Realtree HD Camo finish with stamped Zippo logo and in a non-reflective black finish with stamped Zippo logo.

  Whether you're skiing, tailgating at the game, hunting, sledding, or enjoying any other cold-weather activity, keep a Zippo Hand Warmer in your pocket and keep your fingers toasty warm.

* Replacement burners are sold separately.
* Refill with genuine Zippo lighter fluid.
* Includes a convenient filler cup and warming bag.

Order your Hand Warmer

Genuine Zippo Lighter FuelGenuine Zippo Lighter FuelZippo lighter fluid is the recommended fuel for all Zippo lighters and Hand Warmers. This premium fuel can be used in any lighter that has a wick.

4 fluid oz. can
Hand Warmer High Polish ChromeHand Warmer High Polish ChromeThis is Zippo's high polish chrome Hand Warmer. It features a thin design that easily fit into pockets. It’s virtually odorless and stays warm for up to 12 hours.

The Zippo Hand Warmer is perfect for sporting events, hunting, winter sports, and sleigh rides too!
Hand Warmer Realtree HD CamoHand Warmer Realtree HD CamoThis is Zippo's award-winning, rugged, all-metal hand warmer in Realtree HD Camo finish with stamped Zippo logo.

Built for all of the winter warriors, these Hand Warmers features a sleek and compact design that fits easily into pockets, gloves and pants without the bulk of other warmers
Heater Replacement BurnerHeater Replacement BurnerThe Zippo Hand Warmer Replacement Burner

* Easy to replace * Keeps your Zippo Hand Warmer working like brand new

Zippo Lighter FluidZippo Lighter Fluid For the best results in your Zippo Lighter, buy genuine Zippo lighter fluid, flints and wicks.
 New lighter fluid formula with improved performance!

*Cleaner burning Improved ignition
*Less irritating to the skin
*Low odor.
*12 Fluid oz.

How to fill your Heater

1. Remove lid. Remove burner element.(Burner element has a tight fit.)

2. Pour Zippo Lighter Fluid into the plastic filling cup. Do not spill.
• Fill to lower line for about 12 hours of heat.
• Fill to upper line for about 24 hours of heat.
• Do not fill beyond the upper line.
• First Filling will require 2 filling cup fulls of fluid.

3. Pour lighter fluid into the catalytic burner opening.
Do not overfill. Overfilling will cause malfunction.

4. Carefully wipe off any excess lighter fluid from the surfaces and allow excess fuel to evaporate.

5. Carefully replace the burner.

6. Be sure fuel can is closed and there is no spilled fuel in the vicinity before igniting.

How to ignite

1. With the lid off, hold the base unit with one hand and apply flame to the burner for 3 to 5 seconds using the other hand. Keep hands away from any flame.

2. Locate orange indicator bar on side of lid. Touch indicator bar to the center of the burner 10 to 15 seconds. The burner has been ignited when color of the bar changes from orange to red. If the indicator does not turn red, repeat step A

3. After ignition has been confirmed, replace Hand Warmer lid, then place warmer into the warming bag. You must place the Hand Warmer in the bag to prevent over-heating.

Your Zippo Heater will now provide comfortable warmth. After ignition, heat is provided without flame by the catalytic unit.


  So whether you are going hunting, hiking, backpacking or hitting the slopes, this Hand Heater will keep you warmer and more comfortable. It can even keep you cozy warm while on your outdoor job.
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