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Harley Davidson Zippo Lighters

Harley Davidson

   The name Harley Davidson means Freedom to millions of Harley Davidson riders and these Zippo lighters are the symbol of that Freedom in Brushed Chrome.

   Zippo and Harley-Davidson brands fit together like a hand in a glove.

  These American icons embrace reliable performance, rugged construction, and distinctive sounds; not to mention a style and confidence all their own.

   Put these two American Icons together and you've got something really amazing.

   Possibly the most well known and trusted lighters and Motorcycles on the planet together in one great package.

The Harley Davidson Zippo Lighter.


Harley Davidson Lighters

Harley Davidson American LegendHarley Davidson American LegendThis genuine Harley Davidson American Legend Zippo lighter features the Harley Davidson American Legend Emblem on a Street Chrome finish.
Harley Davidson Eagle & Globe ZippoHarley Davidson Eagle & Globe ZippoA Brushed chrome finished Zippo lighter featuring the Harley Davidson Eagle and Globe emblem.
Harley Davidson Emblem Zippo LighterHarley Davidson Emblem Zippo LighterThis Zippo Lighter features a rugged Harley-Davidson® emblem design prominently over a diamond plate pattern.
Harley Davidson Ghost Sapphire ZippoHarley Davidson Ghost Sapphire ZippoCreative use of background primer results in a spectacular ghosted look behind the Harley-Davidson® logo done with crisp color imaging.
Harley Davidson Iron Eagle Zippo LighterHarley Davidson Iron Eagle Zippo LighterFeatures the Harley Davidson Iron Eagle emblem on Street Chrome finished Zippo Lighter.
Harley Davidson LogoHarley Davidson LogoThis Zippo Lighter features the Harley Davidson Logo on Brushed Chrome Finish.
Harley Davidson Skull Red Eyes LighterHarley Davidson Skull Red Eyes LighterThis Genuine Zippo Lighter features the Harley Davidson Logo with flaming skull and red eyes on a brushed chrome background.
Harley Davidson Skull Zippo LighterHarley Davidson Skull Zippo LighterA new lighter from Zippo. It features the Harley Davidson Skull & Logo, nicely engraved on a high polish chrome case.
Harley Davidson Skulls Black LighterHarley Davidson Skulls Black LighterFeaturing the words Harley Davidkullsson in a vertical style with multiple skulls on Black Matte background.
Harley Lighter Pouch Black LeatherHarley Lighter Pouch Black LeatherBlack lighter pouch with chrome snap closure and Harley Davidson logo.

Genuine leather with belt loop to hold your Zippo lighter securely, yet easily accessible.

Harley Logo Black MatteHarley Logo Black MatteThe Harley Davidson Bar & Shield Logo with a great looking Matte Black Finish.
Harley Made in the USAHarley Made in the USAThis Harley Davidson "Made In the USA" Zippo lighter features the Harley Davidson Bar & Shield Emblem over the Made In USA Eagle on a Brushed Chrome finish case.
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