Genuine Zippo Lighters with Military Themes. Show your support of our military forces.

 Military Lighters - Army - Navy - Marines

Military Zippo Lighters

   These Zippo Lighters proudly display their Military themes. The United States Military and those that serve our country are the best in the world.
   Show your commitment and support of our military forces with a Zippo Lighter from the Military Collection.


   This collection of Zippo Lighters includes logos and emblems of the US Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Special Forces, POW's and Joint Forces.

   The Zippo Military Heroes Collection salutes the American flag, the United States Armed Forces, and the unsung everyday heroes.

Military Zippos

Freedom Isn't Free ZippoFreedom Isn't Free ZippoThe Freedom Isn't Free Zippo Lighter with a High Polished Chrome case.
U.S. Army Emblem ZippoU.S. Army Emblem ZippoThe classic brushed chrome Zippo Lighter featureing the distinctive three dimensional Army officer crest, cast in brass.
A perfect addition to your zippo collection or to give as a gift.
U.S. Army Street Chrome Zippo LighterU.S. Army Street Chrome Zippo LighterThis Street Chrome windproof Zippo lighter features the United States Army Emblem
U.S. Coast Guard Emblem Zippo LighterU.S. Coast Guard Emblem Zippo LighterThe U.S. Coast Guard Emblem is proudly displayed on this Brushed Chrome Finish Zippo Lighter.
U.S. Marines Emblem Zippo LighterU.S. Marines Emblem Zippo LighterThis Zippo features the US Marines Brass Globe and Eagle Emblem on brushed chrome finish case.
U.S. Marines LighterU.S. Marines LighterThe finish is all black matte with the word MARINES across the lid and the US Marines symbol on the bottom in red.
U.S. Navy Anchor EmblemU.S. Navy Anchor EmblemUS Navy Anchor Emblem Zippo Lighter with Brushed Chrome Finish.
U.S. Navy Street Chrome Zippo LighterU.S. Navy Street Chrome Zippo LighterThis unique Zippo lighter features the United States Navy anchor symbol on a Street Chrome case.
United States Air Force Zippo LighterUnited States Air Force Zippo LighterThis Zippo lighter features the United States Air Force Seal in full color against a crisp clean silver Street Chrome background.
United States Coast Guard ZippoUnited States Coast Guard ZippoThis Zippo lighter features the United States Coast Guard seal and eagle, on a navy blue matte finished case.
United States Coast Guard Zippo LighterUnited States Coast Guard Zippo LighterThis black matte windproof Zippo lighter features the United States Coast Guard abbreviations with the Coast Guard seal and porthole on the face.
United States Navy Blue Zippo LighterUnited States Navy Blue Zippo LighterThe United States Navy Blue logo on a Brushed Chrome Zippo Lighter
US Air Force Blue ZippoUS Air Force Blue ZippoThe US Air Force Blue Zippo with a Brushed Chrome Case
USAF Zippo LighterUSAF Zippo LighterThis brand new offering from Zippo Lighters features the US Air Force emblem and it's core values in blue color imaging on the front or the case.

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