These Zippo Lighters are offered in the Pure Beauty theme

Brass Lighters

  These Zippo Lighters, from the Zippo Pure Beauty collection, proves again that the most simple and understated designs are usually the most impressive.

  Many of these finely crafted lighters are made from solid brass for a great looking and long lasting finish.

Pure Beauty Collection

Antique Silver Plate LightersAntique Silver Plate LightersThis windproof Zippo lighter comes with the legendary lifetime warranty and is made here in the USA and features an antique silver plate finish that's sure to turn heads. Since it is made by Zippo, it's easy maintenance and quality are assured with the Lifetime Guarantee.
Also Available in Antique Silver Plate, Antique Copper and Antique Brass finish.
Antique Zippo Brass LighterAntique Zippo Brass LighterZippo proves once again that the most simple design is usually the most impressive and elegant.

These Antique Brass Zippo Lighters, while sparing on the design elements, rely on their gorgeous finish to make a truly gorgeous antique lighter.
Armor Brushed BrassArmor Brushed BrassThe Armor Brushed Brass Zippo Lighter features an eye-catching brushed Brass finish with the satisfying weight and feel of the heavy armored case. These Armor cases are 1.5 times thicker than the standard brass cases.
Black Ice ZippoBlack Ice ZippoA darker, slicker version of the original Zippo chrome lighter. The timeless style of a Zippo lighter is reflected in Black Ice, Zippo's black, mirror like finish.

Also available with the Zippo Logo
Brushed Brass Zippo LighterBrushed Brass Zippo LighterThis Brushed Brass with Solid Brass Engraved Zippo Lighter is a genuine Zippo product manufactured in Bradford, PA.
Brushed Chrome Armor ZippoBrushed Chrome Armor ZippoThis Brushed Chrome Zippo Lighter features a case that is about 1.5 times as thick as a standard case. A distinctive bottom stamp authenticates this lighter as heavy walled Armor. A Zippo Lighter with a great solid feel and a low price.
Brushed Chrome Zippo LighterBrushed Chrome Zippo LighterFor the smoker who wants a good-looking, reliable lighter that works every time, you can’t get any better than this classic Brushed Chrome Zippo. This brushed chrome model is both attractive and sturdy.
Brushed Chrome Zippo Pipe LighterBrushed Chrome Zippo Pipe LighterThe Zippo pipe lighter is made to the same high quality standards as a Zippo windproof pocket lighter but designed for the special needs of pipe smokers. The ingenious design encases the flame in metal allowing it to be drawn directly into the pipe without bending over the side. The result: perfectly lit tobacco with no damage to the pipe.
Brushed Solid Brass Zippo LighterBrushed Solid Brass Zippo LighterMade from real brass, this Zippo lighter is truly a great looking lighter. Its brushed finish gives it a very smooth look. This Zippo Lighter is also available in Brushed Copper and Brushed Silver Plate.
Engine Turn Pebble Zippo LighterEngine Turn Pebble Zippo LighterBright-cut engraving produces dazzling facets, resulting in the dimensional look of a beautiful emblem directly on the surface of these Zippo Armor lighters.

Engine Turned High Polish ChromeEngine Turned High Polish ChromeThis is the Engine Turned, Engraved Panel Zippo Lighter with a High Polished Chrome Finish.

A genuine Zippo product, manufactured in Bradford, PA. Design is on one side only.

Can be Engraved with Initials on the front case, or a full name on the back.

High Polish Brass ArmorHigh Polish Brass ArmorThis very beautiful Zippo is the Armor High Polish Brass Lighter. The extra heavy wall construction gives this lighter a very substantial feel.
High Polish Brass Slim ZippoHigh Polish Brass Slim ZippoThis beautiful Slim Style Zippo Lighter is crafted from solid brass and has a High polish finish with the lettering "Solid Brass" engraved on the lighter top.
High Polish Brass Slim Zippo LighterHigh Polish Brass Slim Zippo LighterThis Zippo Lighter features a very High polish finish on a solid brass case. Crafted in the Slim Style making it the perfect size for a lady.
High Polish Chrome ArmorHigh Polish Chrome ArmorThis is the Armor Zippo Lighter with a high polished chrome case.
The Armor case is about 1.5 times as thick as a standard case

Save $20 off the MSRP, while quantities last.

High Polish Chrome ZippoHigh Polish Chrome ZippoThis is the classic high polish chrome Zippo lighter that has stood the test of time.
Iron Stone Zippo LighterIron Stone Zippo LighterThis very distinctive Zippo Lighter features a stylish black crackle, powder-coated, "iron stone" chrome case.
Ribbon Slim Zippo LighterRibbon Slim Zippo LighterA High polish chrome finished Zippo windproof lighter with ribbon stripes and rectangular space on the front for engraving.
Sapphire Zippo LighterSapphire Zippo LighterThis Zippo Sapphire Lighter has a luscious deep blue finish.
Satin Chrome Zippo LighterSatin Chrome Zippo LighterThis Satin Chrome Zippo Lighter just proves once again that the most simple design is usually the most elegant. Sparing on the design elements, lighters in the Pure line of Zippo lighters rely on their gorgeous finish for their good looks. A Genuine Zippo Light at a great Low Price!
Slim Black Ice ZippoSlim Black Ice ZippoThis windproof Zippo Lighter comes with the lifetime guarantee and features the slim design and a sleek, black anodized, chrome case.
Slim High Polish ChromeSlim High Polish ChromeThis Zippo Lighter features a slim sized case for the classic, highly polished chrome lighter.
Slim Satin Chrome ZippoSlim Satin Chrome ZippoThis very attractive Zippo lighter is in the Slim Style and has a satin chrome finish.

An excellent gift at a very low price for a genuine Zippo Lighter.

Slim Street Chrome ZippoSlim Street Chrome ZippoThis attractive, unobtrusive Zippo lighter in in the Slim Style and has an street chrome finish.
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