Zippo Lighters displaying tattoo art

Tattoo Art Lighters

  The Zippo Lighter Tattoo Art Collection showcases original art by world-renowned tattoo artists.

  Celebrate modern Tattoo Art on the canvas of a genuine Zippo windproof lighter. Zippo's vibrant color imaging process illustrates this innovative art on these Tattoo Zippo Lighter cases.

  The market demographics for tattoo services are now skewed heavily toward mainstream customers. Tattooing today is the sixth-fastest-growing retail business in the United States. The single fastest growing demographic group seeking tattoo services is, to the surprise of many, middle-class suburban women.

  One large daily newspaper reports that in the last two decades, tattooing in U.S. women has quadrupled, and it is estimated that almost half of the tattoos now being done are on women. This seems to be related to the fact that many famous, high profile people in music and sports have tattoos.

Tattoo Art Collection

Fire Down Below ZippoThis High Polished Chrome lighter from Zippo is called Fire Down Below.
Golden Butterfly Zippo LighterThis Satin Chrome Golden Butterfly Zippo Lighter is a genuine Zippo product manufactured in Bradford, PA Featuring Golden Butterfly artwork on the case front.
Leopard EbonyA snarling Leopard looks out from the face of this unique Zippo Lighter with satin Ebony case.
Love BitesA sinister Skull takes a Bite out of your Heart.
Year Of The SnakeA beautifully decorated Snake on a Street Chromed case.
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