Zippo Lighters from the Urban Style Collection

Urban Style Lighters

   Whatever your Urban Style is, you are sure to find a Zippo Lighter that sums it all up.

   From Dragons, Real Tree Camo, Celtic Vrosses and Bling to lucky Shamrocks, the Urban Style Zippo collection has it all.

Whatever your Style

Abyss Zippo Lighter with LogoAbyss Zippo Lighter with LogoThis is the Deep Purple Abyss Zippo Lighter with the Zippo Logo on the lower front case.

Each and every Zippo lighter that we sell is backed by Zippo's famous lifetime guarantee.

Anarchy Zippo LighterAnarchy Zippo LighterA Matte black finish Zippo Lighter with red circle and letter A in the middle.

Custom engraving available.

Bling Zippo LighterBling Zippo LighterA Highly polished chrome case Zippo Lighter that features the dollar sign emblem that is die-struck, rhodium plated, stenciled paint with eight Austrian crystals. This is "Bling" at its best.
Blue Zippo Logo DesignBlue Zippo Logo DesignThis Zippo Lighter features the Zippo logo placed vertically with a bright blue back ground on the left side of the lighter while the other side contains patterned swirls.
Boot Laces Toffee Zippo LighterBoot Laces Toffee Zippo LighterThis new offering from Zippo Manufacturing features a brown boot and its laces.
Bullet Hole Zippo LighterBullet Hole Zippo LighterThis Zippo Lighter features a Bullet hole on the face of this toffee colored brushed chrome case.

An eye catching design from Zippo Manufacturing.

Bullets Brushed Brass Zippo LighterBullets Brushed Brass Zippo LighterThis brushed brass windproof lighter features the Zippo logo and a group of ammunition with one used bullet that has smoke coming out of the empty case.
Can't Fix Stupid Black Matte ZippoCan't Fix Stupid Black Matte ZippoThere are many things that can be fixed, but you “Can’t fix stupid”.
Chrome Zippo An American ClassicChrome Zippo An American ClassicThis Zippo Lighter is engraved with "An American Classic" logo on a High Polished Chrome case.

This extraordinary lighter shows why Zippo Manufacturing is the industry leader when it comes to pattern engraving.

Clover Grunge Street Chrome ZippoClover Grunge Street Chrome ZippoThis Street Chrome lighter from Zippo features green grunge stripes with a heart design that combines to revel a four leaf clover.
Finger ID Zippo LighterFinger ID Zippo LighterThis unique Zippo Windproof lighter has a fingerprint and a Bar Code on the case front. Case is High Polish Chrome.
Gentlemen's Style ZippoGentlemen's Style ZippoThis Zippo Lighter has a black matte case and features a mustache with gentlemen’s style written on the lighter.
In Wine There is Truth Zippo LighterIn Wine There is Truth Zippo LighterThis brushed chrome Zippo Lighter displays the saying “In wine there is truth, in beer there is strength, in water there is bacteria.”
Iron Stone Skull Crown Zippo LighterIron Stone Skull Crown Zippo LighterThis new Zippo lighter features a black background with the Zippo logo and a skull with horns.

The banner under the skull proclaims the year that Zippo Manufacturing was established in the USA.
Keep Calm and Flame On, Red Matte ZippoKeep Calm and Flame On, Red Matte ZippoThis red matte lighter features the Zippo flame with the saying “Keep calm and flame on.”
Kegger "Tap This" Black Matte ZippoKegger "Tap This" Black Matte ZippoThis Zippo lighter features an image of a beer keg that says “Tap this”.
Peace on the Side Zippo LighterPeace on the Side Zippo LighterThis Zippo lighter, from the Urban Style collection, features "Peace" On The Side engraved on a stunning Sapphire finish case.
Printed Shamrock Zippo LighterPrinted Shamrock Zippo LighterThis Zippo Lighter features a green Four Leaf Clover Engraved on a High Polished Chrome case.
Sapphire Zippo LighterSapphire Zippo LighterThis Zippo Sapphire Lighter has a luscious deep blue finish.
Slim Brushed Chrome Zippo LighterSlim Brushed Chrome Zippo LighterEnjoy the beauty and quality of a genuine Zippo Pocket Lighter with the slim styling.
The slim design and brushed chrome finish lend simple elegance to the legendary durability of Americas favorite lighter.

The Zippo Slim Brushed Chrome Pocket Lighter makes an outstanding collectors piece or everyday essential.

Slim Ebony with Logo Zippo LighterSlim Ebony with Logo Zippo LighterThis is Zippo’s intense black mirror-like Ebony finish, with Zippo Logo on the bottom right side of the face.
Slim Ebony Zippo LighterSlim Ebony Zippo LighterThis is Zippo’s intense black mirror-like Ebony finish on the Slim Style Lighter.
Sons of Anarchy Black Matte Zippo LighterSons of Anarchy Black Matte Zippo LighterThis Zippo lighter features the ``Reaper Crew`` written at the top of the lighter with the Sons of Anarchy logo and eight ball at the bottom.
Steampunk Aviator Girl Black Matte ZippoSteampunk Aviator Girl Black Matte ZippoThis Zippo lighter features a Steampunk aviator girl jumping into the air with clocks and clouds in the background.
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