These Vintage Zippo Lighters bring the past to life

Vintage Zippo Lighters

  Zippo lighters have been proudly produced in Bradford, PA since 1933.

   Only a few months ago a person paid more than $11,000 for a Classic Zippo lighter in an on-line auction.  The message is clear – Old and Rare Vintage Zippo Lighters are still a hot commodity.

  The lighter, described as an "early square Zippo with external hinge," fetched $11,758.98 when the bidding was all said and done.
  The first bid came in at $10. But 42 bids later from 19 separate bidders raised the price 1,000 times the original bid in the exciting week-long E-Bay auction.

   Zippo lighters gained their biggest popularity increase during World War 2 by making lighters with the insignias of all navy vessels. These were highly prized by those serving on those ships.

  After the war, Zippo became the billboard of America as an advertising medium for any company.
  Orders for as little as 50 lighters were all you needed to have Zippo design a lighter with your own logo. Zippo lighters were used to commemorate special events, political campaigns and all kinds of sports.

  Zippo continues today, as it has always, with the very best, no questions asked warranty in the world.

  These brand new Zippo Lighters bring back the yester-years of Zippo Manufacturing.
  They span the years from the early 30's through the 70's.

  These unique Vintage Lighters are truly a blast from the past.

Collector's Lighters

1935 Replica Zippo Lighter with Slashes1935 Replica Zippo Lighter with SlashesThis distinctive lighter replicates the standard Zippo lighter of almost 75 years ago.
1941 Replica Black Ice1941 Replica Black IceThere are several distinguishing characteristics that identify the 1941 Brushed Chrome Replica. The 1941 case has flat panes with rounded edges, where the front and back surfaces meet the sides, and the lid and bottom are joined with a four-barrel hinge. The inside unite closely replicates the design of the original 1941 model. The chimney has fewer holes, and a hollow rivet holds the striking wheel in place.
1941 Replica High Polish Sterling Silver1941 Replica High Polish Sterling SilverThe 1941 Replica High Polish Sterling Silver Zippo is housed in a genuine sterling silver case, which is based on Zippo's of over 60 years ago. It features a High Polish Sterling Silver finish the gives this Zippo classic good looks and the durability of Sterling Silver.
1941 Replica Satin Sterling Silver1941 Replica Satin Sterling SilverThe 1941 Replica Hand Satin Zippo is housed in a genuine sterling silver case, which is based on Zippo's of over 60 years ago. It features a hand polished satin finish the gives this Zippo classic good looks and durability.
Brushed Chrome 1935 Replica ZippoBrushed Chrome 1935 Replica ZippoLike the original, this 1935 Replica features a three-barrel outside hinge joining the lid and bottom, an open hollow rivet that secures flint wheel to inside unit, and a flat bottom case.

A unique bottom stamp identifies the 1935 Replica.

Founder's Zippo LighterFounder's Zippo LighterThis unique Zippo Lighter features the signature & image of George G. Blaisdell, the founder of Zippo Lighters.
Ring of Fire Zippo LighterRing of Fire Zippo LighterThis very distinctive Zippo Lighter features a satin chrome finished case with a ring of fire design. The two-tone effects are achieved by the use of the innovative engraving methods and techniques that Zippo is famous for.
Vintage / Slashes Brass ZippoVintage / Slashes Brass ZippoA stunning Zippo Lighter featuring a Brushed Brass Finish with Engraved Corner Slashes
Vintage Brass Zippo with SlashesVintage Brass Zippo with SlashesThis Vintage, High Polish Brass with Slashes Zippo Lighter, features the most eye-catching High Polish Brass finish you'll ever see on any lighter.

Vintage Zippos have a squared¸ flatter top than the more rounded top of classic Zippo lighters.

Vintage Brushed ChromeVintage Brushed ChromeThis Zippo Lighter features the Vintage style with a brushed Chrome finish.

The Vintage Style Zippo's have a squared, flatter top than the classic rounded top of present day lighters.
Vintage Brushed Chrome ZippoVintage Brushed Chrome ZippoThis "American Classic" features the popular vintage style, with a durable, brushed chrome case.
Vintage High Polish Chrome ZippoVintage High Polish Chrome ZippoThis Zippo is in the Vintage style and features a high Polished Chrome Case.

The Vintage Style Zippo's have a squared¸ flatter top than the classic rounded top of present day lighters.

Zipped Black Ice Zippo LighterZipped Black Ice Zippo LighterThis unique new offering for Zippo Manufacturing has a zipper at the joint between lid and body. The style is replica 1941.
Zippo Pewter EmblemZippo Pewter EmblemThis very distinctive Zippo Lighter features a Black crackle finish case with Pewter emblem. The emblem is imprinted with the different Zippo Logos that have been used over the years.
Zippo StampZippo StampZippo Stamp, Street Chrome Zippo Lighter. This Lighter was Die-Stamping from the inside on the case. This results in a raised, embossed feel to the Zippo logo.


  If you have an old Zippo Lighter and want to know it date of manufacture, Zippo Manufacturing has made it easy.

  There are date codes imprinted on the bottom of the every lighter case. These codes provide the date of manufacture and are a tremendous help to correctly identify the year any given Zippo lighter was made.

  Please go to our Information page for date codes.

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