Work and Play Collection of Zippo Lighters

Zippo Work and Play Collection

   These Work and Play Zippo Lighters are the right choice anytime anywhere. They feature Work and Play themes of Beer logos, Outdoor activities and loss-proof Zippo Lighters.

Ebony Zippo LighterThis new Ebony Zippo Lighter features an intense black, mirror-like finish. Smooth and cool in the hand.
Keep Your Hands Off My Flame ZippoThis lighter features the Zippo flame logo with the statement “Keep your hands off my flame.”
Miller Lite Cans Zippo LighterThis Zippo Lighter features a can of Miller Lite, on a high polished chrome case.
Mustache and Hat ZippoThis fun Zippo Lighter features a photo of the invisible man.
Shut The Hell Up Street Chrome ZippoThis new Zippo Lighter features a vintage coffee ad that states “how about a nice cup of shut the hell up.”

The case is Street Chrome.
The Right of The People Zippo LighterThis Brushed Chrome Zippo Lighter features the amendment text “the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed” on an American flag background.
Zippo Lossproof LighterIt's hard to misplace the lossproof Zippo lighter, with its sturdy loop and elastic lanyard. Great for hunting, fishing, hiking and outdoor activities of any kind.
Zippo Script Brushed Chrome LighterThis unique Zippo Lighter features the word "Zippo" written diagonally across the face in white and gold script.
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